About The Working Community

In our community, we adore the word working.

“Why? What about it?”

Well, it’s an adjective that suggests someone or something is getting the job done. It shows that things are moving forward and people are progressively growing.

“I’m part of the Working Community.”

That’s right! In our name we pledge to help you improve to be a better colleague, teammate, and employee to your organisation, and most importantly is to be a better version of yourself for yourself.

We understand that finding a job is hard, maintaining a job is even harder. Plenty of issues surface once you’re a part of the workforce, and sometimes, these issues extend to more than what’s in the office: overworking to the point of burning out, worsen mental health, and having interpersonal conflicts with colleagues that brings nothing but unnecessary stress. Many take it that these topics are not supposed to be talked about, which in the end, will become the burdens that bury you alive.

We want to change that! Our team at gradmalaysia thrive for an open and understanding work culture, especially when career progression, self-improvement and mental wellness are involved.

Through our work, we aim to help the interns, fresh graduates, and seasoned employees face the challenges of being in the workforce. We want to help in motivating you, and hopefully guiding you with all the information we have at hand, in the form that you can enjoy the most.

Stick with us as we strive to become a working community that works.

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